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How to Add a Window to Your Garage Door

07/03/2013 Back To Blog

Garage door windows can be a great addition to your garage. Not only are they practical in the sense that they let in useful light into your garage but they also add to the curbside appeal of your house and may even add to the value of your home. Here's a brief outline on the different types of such window available to you and how to add them to your existing garage gate.


When it comes to garage door windows there are many designs and patterns available. Some of the popular options on the market today include Rose, Sydney Diamond, Double Diamond, Arched Newcastle, Chelsea and The Clontarf.


As mentioned previously, garage door windows are mostly for decoration. In view of this, although they do let a small amount of practical light, you should mainly use them to increase the curbside appeal of your garage and your house as a whole. Here are the basic steps on how to add such a window to your gate.

  1. Make sure you have the correct size of windows for your garage door. They can be the same size but no larger than the door’s panel.
  1. Mark the opening where the window is going to fit into the panel because such windows generally slot right into place.
  1. Use a jigsaw to cut the opening for each window. It helps to use masking tape to cut a hole the same size as the window.
  1. Use caulk around the window. As your window will have to face the elements, it's best to give it a layer of protection.
  1. Attach the backside of the window to the front side. How these two pieces fit together vary by window and manufacturer but the majority of them use screws. Check the instructions that came with the window.

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